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Tips for a Smooth Home Inspection

* In vacant homes make sure the water, electric and gas are turned on, and the batteries in the thermostat are working. * Replace all burned out light bulbs. * Have any remotes in plain view for – fans – fireplaces – garage door openers. * Remove anything flammable that is stored in the oven. […]

by Ed Anderson on 1/3/19

Are your holiday celebrations at risk of catching fire?

You’ve never had a problem in the past. Why is everyone warning about the dangers that accompany the holidays? Because historically, the holidays are a time when fire departments and emergency rooms get an increase in calls due to accidents and fires. No one expects to have a fire or an injury during the holidays […]

by A&J Specialty Services on 12/18/18

October 2018 Market Update

Prices continue to outpace 2017. For the year, the median sale price in Dane County stands at $278,000 compared to $265,000 in 2017 – up 4.9%. For all sales reported to the SCWMLS (excluding Dane County), the median sale price is up 8.4% to $159,900 compared to $147,500 for the first 10 months of last […]

by Bunbury Realtors on 11/20/18

September 2018 Market Update

The 573 reported Dane County sales are 88 fewer than last September. Through the first three quarters, sales trail last year by 3.1% and 2016 by 4.3% – the two best years on record for annual home sales in the county. September was cooler throughout much of the region served primarily by the South Central […]

by Bunbury Realtors on 10/23/18

August 2018 Market Update

With August signaling the end of summer, sales of single family homes and condominiums in Dane County remained strong. The 864 reported sales are only 3.3% less than 2017 and 1% less than 2016 – the two best years for annual home sales on record. After 3 years of record and near-record sales, being slightly […]

by Bunbury Realtors on 9/18/18

4-C Parent Involvement Tips: Back to School – Some Helpful Tips

The new school year is right around the corner and whether you have a preschooler or an older child, this change in routines can be a bit stressful for any family. There are things that you can do to help this transition go smoothly. Start by easing into the new routine about a week or […]

by Carrie Volenberg on 8/28/18

Lender Points: What Are They, and Should You Pay Them?

In the world of lending, one point is 1% of a loan amount. So, one point on a $150,000 loan would be $1,500. Points, in general, may be referred to as either discount points or loan origination points. You may have heard the term points used in a couple of different ways. One of them […]

by Dan Leeder on 8/22/18

July 2018 Market Update

  July sales of single family homes and condominiums in Dane County showed surprising strength despite a continued decline in available inventory and increasing prices. The 900 reported sales are only 13 less than 2017 and 15 more than 2016 – the two best years for annual home sales on record. For the year, Dane […]

by Bunbury Realtors on 8/20/18

Must-Do Shingle Maintenance to Prolong the Life of Your Roof

Just because your roof is out of sight, doesn’t mean it should be out of mind. But so often, a home’s roof misses out on the attention it needs if for nothing more than the inconvenience the upkeep presents. The result of lacking maintenance is a roof that needs to be repaired or replaced before […]

by A&J Specialty Services on 8/14/18

3 Common Air Conditioner Problems in Madison

  One thing we all know well is that the typical “Dog Days” of summer usually coincide with the month of August. This can often make your house unusually hot and stuffy while forcing you to rely on your air conditioning unit for comfort throughout the season. Summer time in Madison is no time for […]

by Pharo Heating & Cooling on 8/6/18