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June 2018 Market Update

The first half of the 2018 real estate housing market has concluded with some up and down results. Sales of single family and condominium homes in south central Wisconsin were generally strong in June and for the first six months of 2018. While some areas are running behind 2017, we must remember what a robust […]

by Bunbury Realtors on 7/19/18

4C Parent Involvement Tip – Scavenger Hunt on the Go!

Much of the time scavenger hunts are done at home, school or possibly for a special occasion like a birthday party. But have you ever considered using scavenger hunts while grocery shopping or riding in the car? A scavenger hunt is a search for a list of items. There is no need to actually collect […]

by Carrie Volenberg on 7/17/18

What you need to know about Wire Fraud

by Heather Mitchell on 7/10/18

May 2018 Market Update

Sales of residential single-family homes and condominiums in Dane County saw prices continue to rise but the number of sales fall in May. Year-to-date, the median sale price stands at $275,000, which is 6.4% ahead of the same period in 2017. This is reflective of the strong demand from buyers, particularly in the price ranges […]

by Bunbury Realtors on 6/20/18

The Contractor Questionnaire/Checklist Before you Start

There are many vital questions you need to ask before starting your next project.  Most of them pertain to the details of the remodeling plan.  But that means often you forget to ask about the details of process.  Here is a quick list to help you through the first week of your project.   What are […]

by Nick Siglinsky on 6/12/18

Get to Know the Real Pest of Water Damage

Spring and water damage tend to go hand in hand, be it melting snow, falling rain, or rising levels of humidity. And seasons aside, there’s also man-made water damage due to burst pipes, leaky appliances, and inadequate ventilation. As soon as the water hits–whatever its source–the destruction begins, causing stains, odors, wood swelling and warping, […]

by A&J Specialty Services on 6/4/18

4C Parent Involvement Tip: Gardening Time with Your Children

  Are you ready to try gardening with your child this year? There are so many wonderful benefits to gardening with children of any age. Children often don’t really know where their food comes from or all of the work that goes into producing it.  Gardening not only teaches children about the fruits and vegetables […]

by Carrie Volenberg on 5/29/18

Vacation Home Financing – What You Should Know

Whether you see yourself at the beach, in the mountains, or on the golf course, Inlanta Mortgage is here to help provide you with the financing you need to make your dream a reality! When it comes to financing second homes, it’s important to note that lenders are most concerned that the transaction makes sense. […]

by Dan Leeder on 5/22/18

April 2018 Market Update

      Strong buyer demand continued throughout the South Central Wisconsin MLS region. For the month of April, only Dane County trailed 2017 sales of single family homes and condominiums yet year-to-date results are slightly ahead by 3%. Median sale prices are also ahead of 2017, reflecting the strong demand relative to the available […]

by Bunbury Realtors on 5/17/18

Providing Excellence in Temporary Living

We cater especially to extended stay guests who need more than a hotel room due to relocation, fire or home maintenance where they need a week to even a year.  However, we cater to guests needing one night also!  There are over 300 Staybridge Suites across the country now!  The Middleton Staybridge is located in a prime neighborhood…downtown!  Guests […]

by Judy Alberts on 5/10/18