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December 2017 Market Update

  Despite recording the 3rd best December for sales of single family and condominium homes in Dane County, 2017 fell just short of setting the annual record for the 2nd year in a row. Sales for the month totaled 483, but trailed last year’s record of 534 sales. Year-to-date, 2017 stands second only to 2016 […]

by Bunbury Realtors on 1/23/18

Develop Open, Effective Parent Child Communication

Listen to more than your child’s words Earn your child’s trust by developing open, effective communications with your child. Communicating with your child is a two-way street. As the parent, you must be able to talk, but you must also be a great listener. Hear both the description of events that your child is communicating […]

by Carrie Volenberg on 1/16/18

Eligible Veterans Can Really Benefit from a VA Mortgage

If you are eligible for it, a VA mortgage can be a great way to finance a home. The program comes under the Department of Veterans Affairs. Its purpose is to allow eligible veterans to finance a home at favorable terms. Effectively, with a VA loan an eligible veteran can buy a property for less […]

by Dan Leeder on 1/9/18

Reap Renovation Rewards!

When it comes time to sell, it’s important that your home stacks up well against the competition. In order to have it look its best, renovations are sometimes necessary. The key to generating a decent return on your investment is to renovate in line with other homes in your area. Here are a few tips […]

by Harry Andruss on 12/19/17

November 2017 Market Update

Fueled by a record number of sales in November, could 2017 set another all-time mark for sales of single family homes and condominiums in Dane County? Sales for the month totaled 540, well beyond the previous highs of 496 in 2015 and 492 in 2009. Year-to-date, 2017 has surpassed 2016, the current record holder for […]

by Bunbury Realtors on 12/18/17

Top 3 Causes of Home Fires and How to Stay Safe

As the temperatures drop outside, the potential for fires increase inside. An average of seven people die in U.S. home fires every day, according to statistics by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). In the NFPA’s most recent report on Home Structure Fires, general causes, including cooking and home heating, account for 84 percent of these incidents. While […]

by A&J Specialty Services on 12/6/17

Credit Score Differences Explained

by Heather Mitchell on 11/28/17

October 2017 Market Update

Dane County single family home sales, including condominiums, were up 8.6% for the month of October compared to 2016. With such a strong showing, year-to-date sales trail last year’s record breaking pace by only 1.3%. This result demonstrates the strong demand by home seekers despite extraordinarily lean inventories in many markets. Even with a 7% […]

by Bunbury Realtors on 11/21/17

Toys for Tots Collection

Bunbury & Associates Realtors® is proud to partner with the United States Marine Corp for the annual “Toys for Tots” collection program. The mission is to provide toys, books, and other gifts to less fortunate children. We are welcoming all donations from the public of a new, unopened toy at our following locations: Baraboo: 123 4th […]

by Bunbury Realtors on 11/20/17

Baby’s First Holiday Season!

Babies add so much joy to the holidays! However, baby’s first holiday can also add stress for the parents. Here are some things to keep in mind so everyone can enjoy this special time together: • Beware of over-stimulation. Lots of new faces, noise, and being passed around from person to person can upset your […]

by Carrie Volenberg on 11/15/17