Organize with this simple system!

Organize with this simple system!


Summer has gone by so quickly and many of us are wanting one more month! Now is the time to begin thinking about those rooms where the doors do not get opened because they are so full of stuff! Most of the time we forget what is in those rooms and boxes. Have you ever heard of the sticker solution? Sometimes cleaning up and cleaning out can be overwhelming and you start creating piles that go nowhere. You can get stickers from any craft store. Select what each color means, i.e., donate, sell, keep or storage. Using the sticker solution is what we do to make the process easier and it takes the guess work out of organizing. It truly can simplify the process. Once an item or tote has a sticker you move on to the next. Another trick to getting organized is really all in your thinking. Try looking at each item with this thought in mind, ” I just found it, I forgot I had it, I have not used it, let’s get rid of it”

We are compassionate and understanding and know all to well the challenges of parting with your treasures. Let our Team take the pressure off of you and do the work for you! It can become overwhelming when you consider all that needs to be done. We are professionals that specialize in this process. Your family becomes a part of our family!

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